GUM Surgeries

Gum Treatment

Periodontal disease or Pyorrhoea are the most familiar diseases affecting the today’s human population. Periodontal disease which is also known as gum disease is an infection associated with the tissues that support the teeth. Our teeth are supported by gum tissues and connective fibres that anchor the tooth root into its socket, and bone by holding it firmly. Gum disease often develop slowly without causing any pain and it can begin at any age.

GUM Surgeries

The major reason for tooth loss is because of its painless nature, it is not treated in time. Periodontal disease is one such. Most of the complete denture patients (who have lost all teeth) are 90% of the Indian population affected by periodontal disease (gum disease) but very few are treated to save their teeth.

What is Periodontics Treatment?

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gum tissue & bones surrounding teeth is an increasing health risk which will not go away by itself & can be treated with periodontics treatment.

Can salt water rinse heal Gum Infection?Home remedies for gingivitis include saltwater rinses, making mouthwash from natural ingredients, & oil pulling. Salt water has disinfectant qualities & can help the body to heal. Research shows that rinsing the mouth with a saltwater solution can relieve inflamed gums caused by gingivitis.

What causes Gingivitis?Gums actually attached to the teeth at a lower point than the gum edges that we see. This forms a small space called sulcus. Food and plaque can get trapped in this space and cause a gum infection calledGINGIVITIS.

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