Bleaching or Teeth Whitening

Nothing boosts your appearance and self-confidence like a beautiful smile! One of the best ways to enhance your smile is tooth whitening or tooth bleaching.Teeth may be stained due to excessive consumption of tea, coffee or red wine, smoking or use of certain medications like tetracyclines during teeth development. A tooth may darken over time or discolor following root canal treatment. To remove these discolorations, teeth bleaching or whitening is advised.


Teeth bleaching only can change the color of natural tooth, the color of existing fillings or crowns cannot be changed. Therefore their renewal is often needed to adjust to the new color.

Techniques for Teeth Whitening

Bleaching or turning the natural colour of the teeth into whiter tones can be obtained by a few methods. The products used for chemical bleaching of teeth contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

What is teeth whitening and what material is used? Teeth whitening is a dental cosmetic procedure done to improve the shade of your teeth. The material used is peroxide based. The peroxide enters the teeth and whitens the inside layers (dentine) of the teeth.

Am I candidate for teeth whitening? Almost everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening. However, in certain cases teeth whitening may not be an ideal option for teeth affected by fluorosis, tetracycline and also for individuals with severe attrition of teeth. In these cases teeth are discolored with dark gray or reddish shades which are the most resistant to teeth whitening. In such cases porcelain veneers or crowns are an excellent option and allow you to choose how white you want your smile to be.

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